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Upload 3D models, images, videos, documents, and more.

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testimonial - headshot - Rafael Grossmann

“I love that I can upload all kinds of medical presentation data directly to Beame’s web portal. It makes creating exciting XR engagements easy.”

Dr. Rafael Grossmann

Surgeon, Educator, Speaker, Patient Advocate, Healthcare Futurist and Immigrant

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Create Meetings

Book meetings with Beame’s contact and calender functions.

testimonial - headshot - Jose Mallabo

“Beame facilitates our recruiting process by enabling our admissions staff to reach students through ground-breaking telepresence. The ability to come face-to-face and develop intimate relationships with students, parents and guidance counselors from their smartphones is simply remarkable.”

Jose Mallabo

CMO, CRO Morehouse College

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Meet Face to Face

Collaborate as if in-person through lifelike avatars.

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testimonial - headshot - Warren Ellis

“If you want the most extraordinary 3rd-party XR communication and collaboration experience on HoloLens or Magic Leap, look no further.”

Warren Ellis

Co-Founder & COO, MPH Group; UK & EU Microsoft and Magic Leap Distributor


Access Beame from your iOS or Android device

Invite outside guests through disposable email invitations and reach anyone with an iOS or Android device.

Take sales calls to a whole new dimension.

Want to Learn More?

Let’s see how we may improve your workflow. Tell us about your project or share a little bit about your requirements. If you’re qualified, we’ll invite you to a demo. All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

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© 2024 Aetho LLC. All rights reserved.
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